Free Advertising for Stratford Businesses

What’s the catch – What’s the value?

The 2 biggest problems in giving away free advertising are,

  1. People wonder what the value of free advertising is.
  2. People wonder what the catch with free advertising is.

The UK Small Business Directory has been providing free online advertising for over a decade now and has just last week received our 160,000th business listing.

Where we tend to differ from the countless other online directories is the fact that no data has been bought in and nearly all the listings we have in our directory have been personally submitted by small business owners or representatives of the small business.

Ask yourself;

  1. Would 160,000 people sign up to our free advertising if it had no value?
  2. Would 160,000 people sign up to our free advertising if there was a catch to it?

As the UK Small Business Directory is based in the Stratford-upon-Avon region we decided to create a special website just for local Warwickshire businesses and specifically aimed at helping Shipston on Stour and Stratford-upon-Avon businesses.

We have created a Stratford-upon-Avon Directory and a Shipston-on-Stour Directory which allow local business owners to provide their contact details, their website details and also provide a brief description of their business and the products services provided.

If you are a Stratford or Shipston based small business owner come along and Register Here

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